Freshmens First Résumé

Eunique Rudolph

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The Freshmen class at Escambia County High have started working on their first résumé in their Career Preparedness class. While it is a new challenge, many are up for it.

The majority of my peers had no clue on how to complete a résumé. I did not know how to fill one out myself. Of course, with the help of our teacher, Mrs. Buitron, we successfully completed the task. Most of us did not have any experience in the work field so, filling out résumés helped us in more ways than one.

The main area we had concerns or a problem with was getting references. Many of us did not know we could not put family members down as a reference. That caused a little bit of a problem for some of us. The only people that can be references are family members and teachers, mainly. There are more choices but those are the most common two. Students who tend to do wrong in school have a problem with getting teachers to be their reference. Perhaps, this will serve as an incentive for better behavior.

Overall, the freshmen class will be soon working in local fast food places, clothing stores, and many other businesses thanks to what we have learned in Career Preparedness.

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Freshmens First Résumé